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How to fertilize the tomato yeast

Every gardener wants to limit the use of chemicals because of the poisons that accumulate in the fruit.

But both want to feed your family with natural and pure products, grown in their beds.

But the solution is, the yeast - is an organic alternative to chemical growth promoters.

So based on them can cook a wonderful dressing.

Preparation of yeast fertilizing

Recipes yeast feeding on the basis of a lot,someone preparing a solution with the addition of sugar, while others - with the infusion of herbs or chicken droppings. But traditional blend made without any additives, although in the future it can be improved, based on its experience.

To make a simple yeast feedingpreheat 5 liters of water, into which 1 kg of yeast add briquettes. Warm water will help activate the live microorganisms, the mixture will be more nutritious. Ready working solution soak for a day, then dilute with half a liter of fertilizer ten liters of simple heated water.

A method of fertilizing watering tomato yeast

The soil should be well warmed up, ie watering fertilizer should be carried out from the end of May. It is also good that the land was slightly damp, not dry or wet. When all these conditions, pour half a liter of the solution under every bush tomatoes.

The results of this feeding can be observedafter three days. The leaves of the tomato becomes smooth and fleshy stem thickens itself, all tomato bushes begin to grow faster, are more resistant to diseases.

Fertilize tomatoes yeast better twice per season. This way you can feed absolutely all plants, but especially like yeast manure crops such as potatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

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