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HOW fertilize apple

A good crop of apples can be obtained only by timely fertilizer trees

Apple Trees, like all pome fruit trees, landing in need of a large supply of organic and mineral fertilizers. And these fertilizers should be made accessible in the form of trees.

For example, fresh manure is undesirable, it decomposes more slowly than, say, the compost soil.

You will need

  • Apple, mineral and organic fertilizers, barrel, water, watering can, bucket, shovel.



Provide multi-fertilizer for appleanother tree planting stage. Dig a hole with a diameter of about 3 meters, a depth of about a meter. Fill it up to half the bark of old trees, sawdust, etc. Spray mass "Intavirom" that protects against harmful insects. Ram bark, trampled on it. Typically, these materials rot in 2-3 years, so that this fertilizer for apple, we have reserved a reserve. The second layer - overrotten manure or compost. Do not regret it, it - the key to the normal growth of seedlings of fruit this year.


Place the root of the tree in the hole in such a wayto the site of inoculation (thickening at the bottom of the barrel is pretty close to the rhizome) remains above the ground. If it is to bury, the apple much later come into fruiting due to the fact that the graft will be forced to form their own root system, rather than use the roots rootstock. Pour rhizome fertile garden soil. Tamp. Draw a shovel handle tree trunks, abundantly pour.


Spend the first top dressing fertilizers abouta few weeks after planting. If planted an apple tree in the spring - nitrogen fertilizers are preferable. Trees planted in the fall, more responsive to the introduction of potassium. Take the mineral at the rate of 20-30 g of urea or 15-20 g of potassium nitrate in a bucket of water. As the stir, pour under the tree, trying to get to the tree trunks.


The following year, in the spring of Feed the apple liquidmanure. This is - one of the best organic fertilizers. To make it, mix the manure with water in a ratio of 1: 5, let to ferment in the sun for 3-5 days, pour under the apple tree. After fertilizing with liquid manure dug up tree trunks. A few weeks later, about the middle of May, fill in minerals containing magnesium, boron and molybdenum.


When the trees begin to appear buds,application of liquid fertilizer again. At this time, take the solution is fermented weeds. This technique is called "fermentation". 10 kg weeds fill a bucket of water, leave in the sun for a week, then strain. This fertilizer - one of the most successful young apple trees.


In the middle of the summer (for the trees, which had already takenfruiting, "point X" is the beginning of an active pouring fruit) once again make the slurry. Autumn apple tree well pour: pour under every tree no less than 50 liters of water. It is believed, because it will be easier to spend the winter. And then in the tree trunks make about 50 g of double superphosphate and lightly dug earth.

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