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How fast to win the interlocutor

How fast to win the interlocutor

The ability to communicate and achieve their goals - is an art.

To some it is given without much effort, solely by natural charisma and someone needs to learn useful skills.

Knowing a few simple tips, you can quickly win over any interlocutor.

Be friendly and confident. It is not necessary to show a Hollywood smile, smile possible and with his eyes. Ray fluids sincere goodwill - and they certainly made the interlocutor.

In conversation do you think should be approximately at the level of the eyes of the interlocutor, but interlocutor hypnotize gaze, of course, is not necessary.

Listen more companion than yourself say. Ask tactful questions, if you know what is interesting and important for the interlocutor. If a person is not familiar to you, it is best not to touch the personal order. Try not to interrupt, and if it is necessary, be sure to apologize.

Try not to gesticulate actively betterto express their views emotions lightly, voice. From the sound of voice it depends largely on how you perceive other person than on other factors. Information filed with low soft voice, much more efficiently reach the desired goal than a piercing high tones.

It is desirable to say the person's name often - this is a welcome sound in the world for everyone, but do not overdo it.

Explore the interesting techniques for communication: when the source completes the phrase, you repeat aloud the end of this sentence. Try to catch the rhythm of the breath and breathe interlocutor with him at the same time. And again, try to blink at once, as soon as the source blinks. Work out with your friends, so it looks completely natural, and you can quickly get on one wave to communicate with any interlocutor.

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