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How to quickly make a bracelet on a memorial


Bracelet on the memorial wire</a>

One of the easiest to make bracelets -This is a bracelet on a memorial wire, a special wire in the form of a spring, which can be found in online stores for needlework. This wire does not lose shape, convenient because it is possible to make universal bracelets without fastening.

And the children will also be happy to participate and can easily create jewelry to their liking.

You will need

  • Memorial wire, beads, round nose pliers, nippers.



Take the memorial wire and cut it with a pliers so that you have a spring of 5-7 rings in your hands. Be careful, hold the wire so that it does not bounce in your face.


Round-nosed pliers make at the end of the wireLoop, bending the last centimeter of the wire in the ringlet. The wire is stiff, you need to make efforts, but it will not unbend afterwards. Try to make a perfectly round (or teardrop-shaped) loop to make the decoration look neat.


String beads on the wire in random order, until you reach the end of the wire. Leave 1-1.5 cm to create the loop.


Take the round pliers and bend the other end of the wire into the loop to fix the beads on the bracelet.
You got an ornament that is enough to wrap around the arm. Fasteners are not required.

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