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HOW evict neighbors

Bad neighbors - poison life in the apartment house

Bad neighbors - the mountain for the residents of the apartment building.

They can turn life into chaos.

But there are measures that can be used against unfair neighbors.

Violations by neighbors

Evict neighbors from the apartment can be, if theyimpinge on the rights of other tenants. Violations include: listening to loud music, conducting an immoral lifestyle, hooliganism, robbery, boorish attitude, disregard for safety regulations, repair at night. To begin to collect evidence base, not to blame the neighbors unfounded. We need the facts to prove a violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The legislation provides a number of tools that allow you to protect the victim.

Collection of evidence

As proof, we can considerconstant complaints of neighbors about the violation of law and order in the house, can be connected to the case and the usual witnesses dissolved arbitrariness. If the neighbors neglect sanitation in an apartment residence, turned it into a real dump, you can call the sanitary-epidemiological service. She will visit the neighbors and make the act of violation of the order. You need to bring a copy of the report shall, to have something to show in case of loss.

When neighbors are noisy, ignore requestscalm down somewhat, to the aid necessary to call the police. Representatives of the internal organs constitute the appropriate protocol on violation of the order. It is necessary to call the police as often as possible. Because of a protocol noisy neighbors eviction did not take place. The more calls, the more chances to get rid of the problem once and for all.
As a rule, the neighbors do not give to live in peace,lead an immoral life - abuse alcohol, drugs. In such contingent debt on utility bills are not uncommon. This fact is also considered in the decision to evict.

Handling tenants accelerate business process of transferring the debt to the proceedings in court.

For the package of documents, you can even attach a form inwhich states that the neighbors held explanatory conversation. In the course of this conversation, they need to learn that prevent live in the house, violating public order, infringe on the rights and freedoms of the residents.
Once all documents are gathered, should file a lawsuit to evict began its consideration of the case.


It is recommended to the court is a resident of the house,who are dissatisfied with the behavior of its neighbors, and the more witnesses at the trial, the more productively. The local members of the managing company can also participate in the proceedings. During the interrogation must be clearly and convincingly tell how intolerable life with noisy neighbors, while constantly refer to the evidence base.

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