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How to evaporate the electrolyte


Repair of car battery</a>

There are situations when the car owner does not want or can not afford to replace or repair a car battery.

And if the level of electrolyte has dropped to a threatening level? Adding the electrolyte to a faulty compartment in such a situation is vital.

We will have to arm ourselves with knowledge of chemistry and simple adaptations.

You will need

  • - acid resistant dishes with a capacity of 4-5 l (heat-resistant glass bulb, ceramics, lead or ebonite)
  • - hydrometer with a sampling tube, thermometer
  • - wand made of ebonite or glass
  • - rubber pears with a tip resistant to acid
  • - capacity per 1 liter and several with small divisions by 0.1-0.2 liters
  • - distilled water intended for accumulators
  • - sulfuric acid rechargeable



Pour distilled water into a stable acid-proof container. Determine the number in advance using the table.


Add the same sulfuric acid. The quantity should also be carefully calculated. Be sure to do this in a thin trickle with continuous stirring with an ebonite or glass rod.


Cool the electrolyte to + 25 ° C and check the density of the substance obtained. Adjust the density to the desired value. This is done with distilled water or sulfuric acid.

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