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HOW euthanize the dog at home

How to euthanize the dog at home

Sometimes dog owners have to takeresponsible not only for life but also for the death of the animal. Helping seriously ill or aged dog die without prolonging his agony - a difficult step, which is to decide on a loving owner is not easy.

So many are trying to ease the care of your pet with the help of euthanasia performed not in a veterinary clinic and at home, in familiar surroundings dogs.

Why can not euthanize a dog on their own?

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Do not trust the vets, or wanting to fullytake responsibility for lulling, owners sometimes try to find a way to kill the animal yourself with the help of drugs from the home medicine cabinet. Doing this is strictly forbidden, since drugs often have on people and animals different effects. Use not intended for this medication can lead to is not a quick and painless death of the dog, but to the long-suffering. In addition, not having special knowledge, the owners may miscalculate the dose, which is also only prolong the suffering of the dog.
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Almost all methods of killing animalsexcept for euthanasia, it is painful and unacceptable. The use of such techniques is justified in one case - if the animal is suffering, and get to veterinarians in the coming days, there is no way.
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How is the procedure of euthanasia?

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Veterinarians have special means,allowing the animal to escape to another world in a matter of minutes and without pain. As a rule, euthanasia at home is done in cases where the animal does not move independently, but at the request of the owners doctor may come if the dog can still walk. Examine your pet, make sure the doctor again in the presence of veterinary indications and the need for the procedure, select a dose of necessary funds for euthanasia in accordance with the weight, the age and condition of the dog.
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First, the doctor inserts a drug dog plungingat a narcotic sleep. Usually it has done intramuscular injection, causing muscle relaxation and analgesic. At this time, the owner can be located next to the favorite - in familiar surroundings animal behaves more calmly beside strangers do not cause him anxiety feelings.
A short time after the first injectionfollowed by a second, designed to stop the heart and respiration. Cardiac arrest occurs gradually, so the vet can ask the hosts for long to go - although the animal does not feel anything for some time may experience convulsions, respiratory movements.
If the animal is aggressive and does notadmit to himself a doctor or master, a drug to relax the muscles introduce remotely. In this case, it will take a little longer than usual, before the dog is asleep.
After death the doctor saysanimal can discuss pet burial. If necessary, it will remove the dog's body for cremation on a special station. Separate disposal of animals in our country is only allowed on the territory of their respective owners. If the animal was Putting to sleep because of the unusually aggressive behavior, attack people, it is forbidden to cremate - the dog's body to be handed over to veterinarians to determine was whether the dog is infected with rabies.

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