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HOW euthanize a sick cat

How to euthanize a sick cat

Asleep pet - very difficult in all aspects of the procedure for the pet owner. The prevailing psychological factor here is the human desire to relieve the suffering pet.

Any other case rests solely on the owner's conscience.

Today euthanized cats and all activities connected with it can be left to professionals.

Taking his own home a small kitten,person assumes responsibility for the life of another being. In the process of leaving the owner tied to the cat, take care of it, monitors the health, corrects behavior. Time passes, and the cat or cat live their lives to the limit position. Age-related illness, injury, infection begin to cause them suffering, and to help them can not nothing.

Reasons for euthanasia

Indications for euthanasia of a petare the following diseases: oncology, trauma, incurable infection. Animals are suffering and are unable to lead an independent life activity.
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The reason for euthanasia are: rabies expressly stage with the appearance of symptoms and the chronic diseases that cause animal suffering.
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Help in drowsing

In severe cases, a sick and suffering catdo veterinarians recommend lull that is more humane solution than to look at the suffering of the animal and prolong its suffering. Large veterinary clinics themselves perform euthanasia procedure, and then recycle or cremation of pets.
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cat's body after euthanasia may be buried onspecial pet cemetery, disposed on utilzavodah to neutralize the biowaste or cremated in private crematoria, at the option owner.
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There are organizations that are engaged only in ritual services for pets, having a special permission from the authorities.

Humane euthanasia

Before lulling cat immersed in deepanesthesia, ie lead to a condition where her mind completely "off". This step is optional. For an introduction to deep anesthesia used drugs, analgesics. Their task - to enter the animal unconscious, not blocking vital functions.
Only after a dive in a deep state of anesthesia administered muscle relaxants that either disrupts the heart or blocking the respiratory center.
Thus, euthanasia is directed by two shots, and between the first and the second will take time, the cat managed to fall into unconsciousness and not feel pain.
Professional veterinarians will neverinsist on the decision to euthanize the animal. They allow owners to think about the situation, as well as to diagnose your pet's health and other professionals listened to the opposite opinion. With the intention to euthanize the animal should never be in a hurry.

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