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HOW eradicate bedbugs

How to eradicate bedbugs

Bedbugs can bring in suitcases from vacation, from a business trip, on clothes, having been in the underground, they can crawl from their neighbors, in general, come from anywhere.

Bedbugs bites are painless, but for a long time itch and do not heal.

Females feed on the blood of humans and animals, without it can not breed. Having bedbugs in the apartment is very unpleasant and dangerous, as the place can get bites infection.

There are many ways to fight the bugs, which can be applied.

You will need

  • -aerozoli of crawling insects
  • -tansy-
  • -Green soap-
  • -turpentine-
  • -kerosene-
  • -perchatki-
  • -respirator-
  • -ochki.



The most effective way to deal with bedbugs -it all entrance cause SES or special services for the mass processing of apartments, porch and basement. Currently, this procedure is done with modern drugs that are safe for humans and animals. After treatment, the effect persists for two years. During this period you will not be 100% of bedbugs, even if you get them from somewhere or bring will bring. But if the neighbors do not agree to call a special service, you call them only in my apartment does not make sense, as it will cost very expensive, but the effect is unpredictable, since in all the apartments live bugs. You can try to get rid of them improvised chemical or folk remedies.


The chemical means of controlling bedbugs areAll insecticide sprays, which are sold in cans for controlling crawling insects. Before treatment is necessary to remove all the products removed from people's homes and pets, wear a dust mask, goggles and gloves. Thoroughly spray the entire room a double dose of the drug, especially paying attention to the cracks, baseboards and beds. After a few hours to ventilate the apartment. Rinse should be only those places where you go or pets. In inaccessible areas of the beds, the drug does not need to wash baseboards.


By folk remedies include treatment of allsurfaces and cracks with a mixture of kerosene and soap, a strong infusion of tansy, a mixture of turpentine, soap and kerosene. Handle should be kept to a complete etching bedbugs.

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