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How to lure the customer by competitors

How to lure the customer by competitors

To lure customers from a competitor - is the dream of every director and company owner.

Firstly, the company can thus take a greater market share, and, secondly, to weaken the opponent's position.

There are several methods of luring the client from competitors.

You will need

  • Contacts competitors customers, offer, funds to pay for advertising.



call clientm competitor. The most relevant is the method for cellular operators as they can estimate the operator of users communicate with their clientE most often. So they will be able to track the number of the person to whom, and can be accessed later with a favorable offer.


Write clientm rival email. To do this, make a commercial offer, in which you must specify all the benefits of working with you. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is not so easy to find the address of the person.


Make newsletter. To do this, print out flyers and place them in mailboxes competitor customers.


Visit potential customers. This method is suitable for the Internet service providers, who are just starting to process a particular area occupied by a competitor.


Take a position in front of the office of competitors. Thus, you will always be able to "catch" clientWho uses or intends to use the company's services rivals. To do this, the promoters can be placed or set a billboard.


Develop an advertising campaign. It is necessary to carefully consider the conditions that will benefit clientm your competitor. Lower prices, better quality, gifts and other loyalty systems. Report on the action can be in the media and on television.


Ornganizuyte special promotion for customerscompetitor. For example, at the time the competitor discount card you can offer her and a good discount on the purchase of your goods and use your services.

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