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Clay - a secondary product of the earth's crust.

It is a layer of soil at the bottom once dried seas and lakes. Because of this clay soil contains almost all the chemical elements and mineral salts.

Clay soil is very fertile, but it is extremely difficult for agriculture.

Clay is a poor conductor of moisture and air, and the water stored in it can cause rotting of the roots of plants.

That on clay soil could grow anything, you need to make it easy, warm and breathable.

The most expensive and time-consuming way elevate clay soil will Adding compost or humus. For the compost in autumn dig up the garden, dodeepening of about 20 cm. All leftovers from fruit and vegetables, as well as hay, a little freshly cut grass, the leaves put in a pit, peresloiv ground. Pour it all any biologics. And in the spring, before digging, garden sprinkled with ashes.

bulk beds. As a basis for such beds is takenany plant debris - stumps, wood chips, branches, sawdust. On the garbage poured layer of good land. In such high beds are planted plants and shrubs. Through plant debris, roots there is room for growth and development.

Mulching- A cover of plowed land with straw, bark orslivers. This will help the clay soil does not dry out and crack in the sun. Mulch prevents weed growth, improves the acidity of the soil, enriching it with useful substances.

A more expensive way to be delivery of sand, peat and manure. The sand and peat to improve the physical properties of clay soil and manure helps populate its beneficial microorganisms.

Green manure- A "green manure". Green manure is called rye, wheat, mustard, oats, clover and sunflower. These plants have a strong root system, so they are often planted on clay sites. Green manure to protect the soil from bacteria, fertilize it, attracting beneficial insects and microorganisms. Such plants also increase soil fertility. Vyseivaya them every year, poor clay soil in a few seasons will be loose and easy. Green manure plant still freezing, and to top seed planting season clean. Thus, the garden ready to grow any vegetables.

By adding natural fertilizer, we are accelerating pochvonakoplenie. A couple of years instead of clay soil, you will have a block, breathable and moisture-absorbing soil.

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