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HOW embroidery on jersey

How to embroider on jersey

Embroidery can turn in elegant blouse even the standard knitted shirt.

Suits give it a special charm.

Embroidery can be colored or tone products, flat or volume. The specificity of the material requires a particularly careful selection of the figure and a great accuracy in the performance.

It is necessary to take into account the density of the knitted fabric, its texture and the ability to stretch.

You will need

  • - Knitted izdelie-
  • - drawing-
  • - Yarn of the same quality of which is connected izdelie-
  • - kalka-
  • - The thread reel contrasting colors-
  • - A needle with a large ushkom-
  • - Crochet kryuchok-
  • - Nonwoven:
  • - marlya-
  • - Cloth or drap-
  • - sewing machine.



Start by selecting a pattern. If you want to decorate a thin T-shirt, the pattern may in principle be any. For embroideries on thick knitwear best to choose a pattern with distinct shapes and without a lot of fine detail and color transitions.


Move the drawing. To perform embroidery on thin knitwear first copy it onto tracing paper. Spread the product so that it will keep the shape and does not stretch. If you are decorating items just related thin dense jackets, pin it to the pattern. Identify a place for drawing and pin or baste tracing. Bobbin threads sew a contrasting color outline of the picture. This should be done with small stitches. Carefully remove the tracing paper. If the figure is small, it is necessary to immediately mark the place of small details. For example, it is possible to make crosses, where will be located midway colors or animal eyes.


Drawing on a hand-knitted jersey translatedin the same way, only to have to work to strengthen the fabric itself. Hand-knitted easily stretched, besides embroidery stitches disappear between the loops. Therefore, baste with the wrong side of a piece of gauze, and only then apply the pattern. After the end of it can be quickly removed. If a tight jersey, the contours of the first stitch on the machine. Kalki with baste the same way as in all the cases mentioned. Before you take on the machine, prometayte pattern so that a grid with a cell in the 8-10 cm.


can be applied pattern on a dark knittedchalk, flour or soap suds. Kalki is better to take synthetic. You can use and printing film. Drawing first translated into it. Then pierce its contours, making holes at a distance of 3-4 mm from each other. Better by tracing enclose something soft, like thick drape or cloth. Then baste or pinned it to the contours of the product and sprinkle with flour, or tooth powder. You can also use shaving foam.


Having dealt with the figure, select the thread. On thin knitwear You can embroider, in principle, any including floss. For the knitting machine or product is better to choose a thread of the same quality and the same thickness as that of the yarn. It should not be severely twisted, or stitches will be uneven and the thread itself is very easy to get confused. If the picture is small, you can use any thread of the same thickness. This may be a viscose or acrylic yarn, thick colored cotton threads, etc. As a rule, synthetic yarn does not fade, can not be said about cotton. In any case, you need to check before starting the thread.


Stitches can be used the same as for embroideryfor woven fabrics. It is best to put a pre-fleece to the item stretched. The choice depends on the design of joints. It is possible, for example, stress knitted texture. For knitting products suitable hinge joint when the loop is repeated loop embroidery knitted items. In thin products look good light smooth surface, cross, finishing seams like "goat".


Embroidery on thick hand-knitted products can beperform a hook. They can not only make the loop circuit pattern, and the vertical bars. However, this embroidery is not performed spontaneously, it is necessary to provide even during knitting. It consists of horizontal and vertical stripes and is something like a multicolored grid. If you are knitting from the bottom up or top down, horizontal stripes vyvyazyvayut immediately. Vertical then raise the hook. The cells can be filled with items of plant or geometric designs.

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