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HOW embroidered rosettes

How to sew rosettes

There are countless ways to embroider the same decorative element. Deciding the master must, on the basis of several criteria.

The main of them - this embroidery technique, cell size, number of colors in the element.

You will need

  • - kanva-
  • - pyaltsy-
  • - Beads and / or threads for vyshivki-
  • - igolki-
  • - A diagram or graphic roses.



It all starts with a scheme. Flower size depends on your artistic ideas. For example, if you plan to complete the work, showing only one rose, the circuit must be large enough. If you plan to make a border of roses, choose a small scheme which repeatedly produbliruete work.


If the scheme is not, it does not matter. You can make it from an image file. To it must meet the following requirements: the absence or minimum number of smooth transitions, high quality of the image, a small number of colors and shades.
& nbsp-
Create a diagram of the picture can be on igolki site.net. Download the file and follow the instructions, setting the required size, number of colors and other options for future schemes. Then download and print the finished scheme. If necessary, edit by removing the single stitches.


Cut a piece of canvas slightly larger thanprospective job. Start with the middle of the composition (especially if the roses are of the middle), pre-calculating it. So you can quickly get a more or less clear idea about all the work.


If roses are placed on the curb, it is better with themnot to start. You do not see how they look on the background of the work as a whole, until the basic element. However, in some cases the entire work consists of the curb (for example, the edges of the tablecloth or tacks).

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