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How to embroider a napkin


How to embroider a napkin</a>

Embroidered napkins look great both in the country house among old things, and in the modern city kitchen.

Doing their own hands, they can become a wonderful gift to a loved one.



Purchase a special embroidery kitNapkins cross. It includes a schematic, threads, a needle and a canvas with treated edges or a cloth with canvas inserts. A drawing can consist of several crosses in the corner of the canvas, up to long strips of ornament around the edge. Carefully consider the fabric, if it has special canvas inserts, find their means by folding the material. Determine where the pattern on the diagram has the center, and start embroidering from this place. Hide the nodules and the ends of the threads, they can shine through the tissue.


Buy linen or cotton monophonicCloth, wash, iron. Cut the squares of the desired value, process the edges. Choose a small motif for stitching, it can be different for each napkin. It can be flowers, fruits or monograms. Insert the tissue of the napkin into the embroidery frame so that one of the corners of the napkin appears in the center of the fabric. Stitch the motif smoothly, make sure that it is pointed at the corner of the napkin. If you want to sew a motif with a cross, sew a special removable or dissolvable canvas into the corner of the napkin. After completing the work, pull out the threads of the canvas or wash the product in warm water.


Embroider the pattern on both sides of a largeRectangular wipes. To do this, sew to each side a cut of a special removable canvas, thread the material into the embroidery frame and perform the work with a counting cross. For such napkins it is better to choose a geometric ornament or paths from large flowers and leaves. Cover the edges of the napkin with a small mask or other cloth. Use the technique of "embroidering ribbons" to create a unique pattern.


Use small pieces of canvas. Embroider on them rectangular drawings of small size, made in one color scheme. Cut out by stepping back two or three threads from the edge of the drawing. Place on a napkin in any order, gently sew, remove excess threads of canvas.

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