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How to embroider cloth

Embroidered napkins look great and in the country among the old things, and contemporary urban cuisine.

Performed with their hands, they can be a wonderful gift a loved one.



Purchase a special set for embroiderynapkins cross. It includes a diagram, thread, needle and canvas with finished edges or cloth with inserts of the canvas. Figure may be from a few crosses in the corner of the web, to long ornament strips around the edge. Look carefully at the fabric if it has a special insert of the canvas, get their middle by folding the material. Determine where the figure in the diagram is the center, and start sewing from that point. Hide the thread ends and nodules, they can shine through tissue.


Buy a linen or cotton monotonousfabric, wash, otutyuzhte. Cut into squares of desired size, treat edge. Choose a small motif embroidery stitch, it may be different for each & nbsp- napkins. It can be flowers, fruit or monogram. Insert the cloth napkins in the hoop, so that their center was one of the corners of a napkin. Embroider the motif stitch, make sure that he was sent to the corner napkins. If you want to embroider a cross motif, sew the corner wipes special removable canvas or dissolved. After completion of the work or pull the threads of the canvas wash product with warm water.


Embroider the pattern with two large sidesrectangular cloth. To do this, sew the cut off for every special removable canvas, Thread the material in the hoop and do the work of counted cross. For such tissue is better to choose a geometric pattern or track of the large flowers and leaves. Arrange the edge openwork cloth or other cloth. Use the technique of "embroidery ribbons" to create a unique design.


Use small scraps of canvas. Embroider them rectangular patterns of small size, made in one color. Cut, retreating two or three strands of the picture edges. Place on a napkin in a random order, neatly sew, remove the excess thread canvas.

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