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HOW eat and stay slim

How to eat and stay slim

To keep yourself in great shape and did not get better, it is necessary to monitor their nutrition.

However starve in any case not worth it. If you experience any discomfort in the stomach perfectly rescue snacks.

However, snacks should be not only harmless for the figure, but also beneficial to the whole organism.


Fruits are considered to be the main characterssnacking. They are not only great to satisfy hunger, but also an extremely positive effect on the entire body. For example, apples provide vitamins, improve digestion and metabolism. Oranges and greyprfruty also accelerate the metabolism, thus promoting weight loss. Ironically, an excellent snack is a banana. It is rich in phosphorus and serotonin and also helps to reduce appetite.


To do this, take a few snacksroot crops. Carrots clean and rub on a coarse grater. Peeling carrots, try to cut off a thin layer of skin. It is in the peel contains the greatest amount of nutrients. Season the salad a little olive or sunflower oil. This dish will enrich the body with vitamin A. It also is very useful for vision, skin and hair.


Despite high caloric, olives canserve as a good snack during the day. But they have to get involved is not necessary, at a time is not recommended to eat more than 25 pieces. But fatty acids in olives are beneficial to the skin. Moreover, they are high in fiber.


Surprisingly, this is also an excellent product for a snack. The truth is allowed to eat only a few squares. But the body will get many benefits.

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