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How to Easily Sew a Cube


How easy to make cubes - crumbs</a>

Children's soft cubes develop in the child thinking, fine motor skills and tactile sensations.

Cubes are easy to sew from pieces of various fabrics, add buttons, ribbons, bells.

On the sides you can draw letters, numbers, figures of different colors, animals.

You will need

  • - thick fabric - base
  • - non-woven fabric
  • - pieces of colorful fabric
  • - sewing machine
  • - scissors
  • - Threads
  • - paper blanks



Prepare thick fabric. Draw a grid - the sides of the future blocks. The side of the cube, taking into account the allowances for seams, will be 10.5 - 11 cm. It is desirable to process the edges of each square with a "zigzag". On the wrong side glued fleece to maintain shape.

Cut on the grid


Preparations for letters draw on thick paper. Cut out and cut out the letters themselves on multi-colored pieces of fabric, pre-glued on the wrong side of the same non-woven fabric.



We spend the letters on the sides of the square with a "zigzag". Approximate arrangement of letters on cubes:

We have the letters we like about processing


Sew the side of the square from the wrong side, leaving one cut for eversion and subsequent filling.

We leave the cut


We turn it out, fill it with sintepon. Inside it is possible to enclose bells, ringing or rustling toys. Sew the open edge by hand. The cube is ready.

Ready product

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