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How easy to make candle

It is easy to make a candle

You have a lot of old useless utensils and all sorts of small things?

Do not rush to throw it all!

They can be useful in order to use them as a candlestick a candle that you make your own hands.

You will need

  • - A container under podsvechnik-
  • - parafin-
  • - Thin verevka-
  • - provoloka-
  • - Scissors.



Before the production of candles,you must choose from the old useless things a suitable container under the candlestick. It should certainly not be out of fuel and durable material. For example, a large sink fit perfectly. In other words, there is only the choice is yours.


After the container is picked up, it should beput wax in a pan and melt it in a water bath. Note that the paraffin does not wash off. Therefore it is necessary to use a bowl for the procedure that you are no longer useful.


Then take a thin, not necessarilysynthetic rope, and cut off from it cut the required length. The resulting piece of rope should be tied to the wire, and then dipped in melted paraffin. Hold it there for as long as they do not it is fully saturated. Thus, you'll have a wick.


Paraffin impregnated rope must be loweredprepared in the center tank. Untie the wire at the same time is not necessary, since it will hold the wick. Then start gently poured into the same dish with melted paraffin. After this procedure, the candle must be completely cool. Once this happens, cut once the tip of the wick so that it was only a small piece of a length of 1 centimeter. Decorative candle ready!

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