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How easy it is to make a candle


How easy it is to make a candle</a>

Do you have a lot of old unnecessary dishes and all sorts of trifles?

Do not rush all this out!

They can come in handy in order to use them as a candlestick under a candle, which you make with your own hands.

You will need

  • - capacity under the candlestick-
  • - paraffin-
  • - thin rope-
  • - wire-
  • - scissors.



Before you start making candles,It is necessary to choose from the old unnecessary things a suitable container under the candlestick. It must necessarily be of non-combustible and durable material. For example, a large shell is perfect. In other words, the choice is yours.


Once the container is matched, you shouldPut the paraffin in a saucepan and melt it in a water bath. Please note that paraffin is not practically laundered. Therefore, for this procedure you need to use a dish that you no longer need.


Then take a thin, definitely notSynthetic, rope, and cut off from it a piece of the necessary length. The resulting piece of rope should be tied to the wire, then lowered into melted paraffin. Keep it there until it is completely impregnated. Thus, you will have a wick.


Paraffin-impregnated rope must be loweredIn the center of prepared capacity. The wire is not to be untied, since it will hold the wick. Then start gently pour melted paraffin into the same dishes. After this procedure, the candle should be completely cooled down. As soon as this happens, cut off the extra tip of the wick so that there is only a small piece of it 1 cm long. Decorative candle is ready!

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