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It is easy to integrate into a new team

Often, circumstances force us to change jobs. In this case, a little to find a job, still need to be able to join the new team.

Regardless of their status and skills, anyone worried before meeting with newly minted colleagues.

To join the team and become his own man there, follow the advice of several psychologists.



New staff - is always stressful. Do not try to immediately show all that you are capable of. Do not fuss and do not try to please everyone. Relax and take a look to begin to colleagues.


Not knowing what to expect, "old-timers" are often initiallynegative attitude to newcomers. Try not to show his resentment, stay open and friendly, let people know that you are ready to go on contact.


To harmoniously integrate into the team, it is not necessarycause irritation of his colleagues by dressing provocatively. Look for colleagues style, try to ask about corporate dress code. In any case, the best option would be to dress a strict business suit quiet tones.


People love their names, remember this. Therefore, getting acquainted with colleagues, try to remember their names. If colleagues too much, so that no one forget, the first time can mark their names in a special notebook.


To stop being a rookie, and becomea full-fledged member of the team, listen more colleagues. Listening to your favorite topics colleagues talk, you understand them faster. You will be easier to find the right style of behavior in the team. Also try not to avoid corporate events.


Determine the secret leader of the team and try to enlist his support. Try to make it his unofficial mentor. This will increase your credibility among colleagues.


People are very annoyed by those who constantlylate. Remember this, and come to work ten minutes early. Similarly, work and work longer delay allotted time. Coming to work before anyone else and leaving later, you earn reputation as a responsible employee.


Often, workers are divided into groups,constantly competing with each other. In order not to be adjacent to any of them, do not keep the gossip and gossip themselves. Avoid intrigues and under anybody not change yourself. To avoid false rumors about himself, not to be frank with colleagues, do not tell them about themselves more than what they need to know.


To avoid a cautious attitude to you, avoid the discussion of money matters. Do not let us in debt and do try not to occupy.

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