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How easy it is to hang a picture on a wall


How easy it is to hang a picture on a wall</a>

The most common way to decorate walls is to decorate with paintings.

Hanging a picture on the wall is not at all difficult, if you follow certain rules.



First, take a picture and attach it to the onePart of the wall wherever you want it to hang. It would be nice if someone other than you were at home and expressed your opinion. But in any case, there is a main rule - do not hang pictures too high under the ceiling and not below the middle of the wall.


When you have decided on the location of the picture,Mark on the wall with a pencil the middle of the picture along its upper edge. It is better to mark those places that are adjacent to the wall. Because Frames are often curved, this prevents you from making correct measurements.


Then hook the tape measure over the hanging thread of the picture and pull it upwards. Measure the distance to the point that will be adjacent to the wall.


Now go to the wall where you made a markPencil, and measure from it down the distance from the previous step. This is where we will drive our nail. If you are using a hook, then not the upper part, and the lower one should be at this point. Otherwise, the picture will hang lower than you wanted it to be. To nail more firmly in the wall, it is better to slaughter it at a slight angle.


When you want to hang a heavy picture orMirror, then always be safe. Choose fasteners designed for more weight than you are going to hang. If the picture is really heavy, then you can use just 2 fasteners. Yes, and it will hang more smoothly than on one nail.

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