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How easy to hang a picture on the wall

It is easy to hang a picture on the wall

The most common way to decorate the walls - it is decorated with paintings.

Hang a picture on the wall is not difficult, if you follow certain rules.



To get started, take a picture and attach it to thepart of the wall where you want it to hang. It would be nice if someone other than you had at home and gave his opinion. But in any case, is the main rule - do not hang pictures too high to the ceiling and below the middle of the wall.


When you have decided on the place of the provisions of the picture,note on the wall in pencil middle of the picture on the top edge. It is best to mark the places that are adjacent to the wall. Because frames are often curved, it interferes with the right to make measurements.


Then hook the roulette for the suspension thread and pull up pictures. Measure the distance to the place which will fit to the wall.


Now go to the wall where you made the markpencil, and measure the distance from it down from the previous step. Here we are when we are going to drive our nail. If you use the hook, it is not the upper part and the bottom should be at this level. Otherwise, the picture will hang lower than you wanted to. To nail firmer hold in the wall, his best score at a slight angle.


When you want to hang a heavy picture ora mirror, always hedged. Choose attachment calculated on more weight than you're going to hang up. If a picture is really hard, you can use just 2 fixing. Yes, and it will hang straighter than one nail.

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