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In every life there are times whencirculation problems sucks in deeper and deeper. At such moments, all around annoying mental strength to leave, and I want to hide somewhere in the corner of this nightmare away.

However, it should be noted that in difficult situations, you can not only do not get depressed, but on the contrary, learn a favor.

To learn how to do this, we will talk in this article.

So, you're in an avalanche of problems. They all fall down and fall down, and it seems it will never end. What to do? First stop, sit down and take it easy. Clean off your head from spinning disturbing thoughts and listen to the silence. Enjoy it and realize that every problem is just misunderstood adventure. This is an opportunity to learn something new, to realize something important and become wiser. Once you accept this fact, your mind will turn from destruction, irritation and anger in the creation and appreciation.

Go ahead. Next, what you have to do is to clean the space around them, both outside and inside. Start by cleaning the places where you spend a lot of time, discard all unnecessary, put things in order on your desktop. Each unmade thing - this is some unfinished business, and it will prevail over you, while you are with him will understand. The order in my head even more important. Take a sheet of paper and write to all the problems that you are concerned about, things that need to be addressed. Then you will feel the release, there will be the free energy, and the problem will not seem quite so scary.

The next step is to every problemtranslate into a decision. To do this in front of each of them write what you want in this situation. For example: I am fat and ugly - I want to be slim, toned and sexy, I have a lot of debt - I want to earn $ 10 000 a month and nothing does not deny.

After all this work you justto take action to translate goals. This is done by determining the first three steps that you make in the near future, for each of the goals.

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