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How much does the silicone sealant dry?


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Silicone sealant is a special building compound, which fill the installation slots.

The main purpose of the sealant is to protect the structure from external destructive influences and to glue several surfaces together.

The advantages of a silicone-based sealant

Silicone sealants are goodWater resistance, elasticity of the composition, excellent adhesion when applied to most materials, heat resistance and frost resistance. In addition, they are resistant to solar ultraviolet and aggressive chemical compounds. Silicone sealants are transparent, almost imperceptible on the surface and do not disturb the aesthetic integrity of the products.

Sealants are divided into types intended for outdoor and indoor work, as well as for work in rooms with high humidity.

Also, the components included in theThe composition of silicone sealants, which not least affect the speed of their drying. To improve the adhesion properties of the sealant, it is necessary to pre-prepare the surface to be treated. Otherwise, the silicone sealant can dry with a high probability separately from it, which will ruin the whole work.

How much the sealant dries

Approximate drying times for eachSilicone sealant are specified by the manufacturer on its packaging. Usually the sealant will set for 15-20 minutes, after which the process of its full hardening starts, which occurs at a speed of 2 millimeters per day. By chemical composition, they are divided into acid and neutral. Acidic sealants are characterized by a lower price, but they can not be applied to metals - they cause corrosion on them. Acidic sealants are used for glass, ceramics, wood and polycarbonate. When applied, they give off a pronounced acetic odor and dry for 4-6 hours.

Exception for acid sealants are stainless steel and unadjusted aluminum.

Neutral sealants are suitable for anySurface, have excellent performance properties and a fairly high cost. After application, neutral silicone sealants are completely cured during the day at plus 5-40 degrees. The drying speed of the product is affected by humidity, ambient temperature and the thickness of its application. Calculate the drying time of this or that silicone sealant in hot conditions can be done with simple mathematical manipulations. For this purpose, it is necessary to multiply its average hardening time for the thickness of the layer under ordinary conditions by a factor K = 1.5-2.

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