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HOW drying oil paint

How many dry oil paint

Oil paint is versatile enough. It is suitable for painting large areas, and for decorative purposes.

At its rate of drying may influence many factors.

How dry painted surfaces

Oil paints are mixtures of drying oils,made from natural oils or synthetic substitutes, fillers and coloring pigments (there are hundreds of shades of colors). They are used for dyeing wood and metal surfaces (floors, walls, roofs, doors). Oil-based paint protects the surface from penetration of steam or moisture. That is why such a paint is often used for processing metal tubes and important structural elements of buildings.

How quickly dries your selected oildye depends on its formulation, humidity and ambient temperature, ambient light, and other external factors. Oil paint, unlike the latex dries, loses moisture, which simply do not line up. On its surface, due to the processes of oxidation, there is an oil film. To this process is faster, it is necessary to accelerate the interaction of oxygen contained in the air, and the surface of the paint.

How to paint

Experts advise to carefully study the composition of the ink printed on the packaging. It is believed that in a really good oil paint contains at least ten to twelve components.

To the formation of a stable oil filmIt was faster, apply the paint with a brush or roller on carefully prepared for this surface. On average, paint applied with a thin layer, dried for about a day. If you do not like the presence of uneven coating or neprokrasivshihsya fragments after the first coat has dried, apply another one, it will need a little more time to dry.

To speed up the oxidation process andthe formation of resistant film can be heated painted surface. For example, some painters pictures after their completion dried by conventional batteries. Drying of paint in the room will speed up the heater or heater. Heating makes the film stronger. Do not leave the heater unattended to avoid the risk of fire.

If you are going to paint the walls of their own,floor or ceiling, be sure to open the windows in the room, as the oil paints are quite toxic, and their fumes can seriously damage health.

There are chemical boosters drying processoil paint. For example, you can add it desiccants (drying accelerators). They need a small amount, adding driers should be in the paint can, guided by the instructions on the packaging. Thereafter, the resulting mixture should be very carefully stir. Driers significantly accelerate the drying of painted surfaces, but does not affect the quality or density of oil paint.

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