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HOW drown out the words in a song

How to silence the words in the song

In sometimes required to muffle some of the words the execution of any pop songs, the song got a different sound.

If we assume that the human voice hassound frequency of 500 Hz, then removing all of the songs sounds with the same frequency, you remove not only the voice but also the sound of a guitar or other musical instruments.



To solve such a problem can be specialsoftware that will help you remove any sound timbre, pitch and frequency easily. Use only high-quality musical instrument. This will allow you to get an incredible aesthetic pleasure from both the music and of singing.


If you want to remove the words songs, use, for example, the program YoGenRecorder. Download it from the official website of the developer, install on the hard drive of your computer and run it. Choose a specific audio file for editing. To remove the voice mute its frequency. A neighboring frequencies, on the contrary - increase the volume. Thus you will be able, almost without touching the music, clean sound of the words of the song. Now you can use the resulting melody for the song from the wordsmi.


It is also possible to use the following method. Find any minus rhythmically repetitive melody. Then, run any program editing of mp3 files and using "copy / paste", create yourself a new track. So you get away from the song voice with minimal distortion tones.


YoGen Recorder Using the program, you can createringtone from any song karaoke. Thus, you can record your singing, then to subject it to severe criticism. If you yourself are not able to remove voice from a song, ask for help from their friends, who are well versed in this matter.

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