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How to drill a tile


Drill - do not overturn!</a>

Tile is a wonderful material for finishing the walls of bathrooms and kitchens. However, it is on these walls that we often need mirrors and shelves.

Therefore, in the case when you need to drill a hole in a brittle tile, you need to be as accurate as possible.

You will need

  • Water
  • Winning Drill
  • A hammer
  • Drill (low speed)



Before you drill a tile, you need to pick upSpecial drill and drills. The drill is best to take one, in the characteristics of which it is indicated the possibility of working at low revs. If there is no such drill, then you can try to do this with a hand drill.


There are special drills for drilling tiles. But if these are not available, then you can use a drill with a winning nozzle. The main thing is that it should be sharp and new.


The most difficult thing in drilling tiles - passGlazed top. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the glaze at the location of the hole by gently tapping the hammer on the drill. If the tiles are not glazed, then the drilling site should be scratched a little, mark the point in order to avoid slipping the drill.


After passing the glaze, the drill is inside the tilePasses much easier. After the tile and glue layer have been drilled, you can change the drill bit and drill bit. Just note that the drill was slightly smaller than the previous drill in diameter, so as not to touch the tile and not to damage it.

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