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HOW drilling tiles

Drilling - not peresverlit!

Tile - a wonderful material for the walls of bathrooms and kitchens. However, on these walls often we need a mirror and shelves.

Therefore, in the case when it is necessary to drill a hole in a brittle tiles need to be as accurate.

You will need

  • Water
  • pobeditovye drill
  • A hammer
  • Drill (low turnover)



Before drilling tile, you need to pick upspecial drill and drill. Drill is best to take this in the specifications which contains the possibility of working at low speed. If this is not a drill, you can try to do this manually drill.


For drilling in tiles have a special drill. But if such is not available, you can use a drill with pobeditovye showerheads. The main thing that it was sharp and new.


The hardest part of drilling tile - passglazed upper part. Therefore it is necessary to remove the icing in the hole location by gently tapping a hammer on the drill. If the tiles are not glazed, it still needs a little boring place protsarapat, identify the point in order to prevent the drill slipping.


After the glaze tile drill bit insideIt goes much easier. After she tile and adhesive layer are drilled, you can change the bit on a drill and hammer. Just pay attention to the drill was a bit smaller than the previous drill in diameter, so as not to hurt the tiles and damage it.

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