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How to draw a gear

How to draw a gear

Gear wheel - part of the gear mechanism, used to transmit power working machine motor.

The most commonly used wheel with straight and oblique teeth in cylindrical and conical gears.



Gear wheels with straight teeth are used forof the direct rotary motion of the drive shaft to the driven. If such movement is done under any angle applied oblique or conical cogwheels, which has a variable tooth module length.


Bevel gears is drawn from the initial large diameter circle, so in a major depression are not drawn.
To produce a drawing and make a measurementcalculation of all gear elements in accordance with GOST 9563-60. Determine the outer diameter of the protrusions, dents De, the module engagement t, pitch diameter d, a step t, A tooth height, head height h ', the height of the legs of the tooth of the tooth A' diameter Di inner circumference of the tooth thickness s, se cavity width, working the width of the wheel b, 1X hub length, bore diameter for shaft dt, external hub diameter d2. All lettering adopted in accordance with OST VKS 8089.


Usually tooth profiles is drawn simplified,circular arcs. The circumference of a given diameter De, d, Di conduct a continuous main line. Fine line spend extra circle on which are located the arc, outlining the profile of the tooth.


Auxiliary information about the engagement module, the number and angle of inclination of teeth, etc., place in the table of parameters in accordance with GOST 9250-59, which is located in the upper right corner of the drawing.


Also, in accordance with GOST 2.403-75 ESKD drawn profile section of a gear wheel. Lines indicating the circle and forming the surface of the teeth projections emerges a solid base line. Lines indicating circumference depressions - dashed line. The teeth, which were cut in the plane, no shade.

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