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How to tighten the button with a cloth


How to tighten the button with a cloth</a>

Cloth-tight buttons are widely used in needlework. They can perform both decorative functions and be used for their intended purpose, as fasteners.

It is not difficult to make such buttons independently.

You will need

  • - buttons on the foot with a removable base -
  • - the cloth-
  • - scissors-
  • - needle with thread.



Prepare the button by gently separating the base from the top (cap). Pick up the fabric to which you will tighten the button. The material must be sufficiently thin and elastic.


Measure the diameter of the cap of your button. On a site of a fabric with necessary drawing draw a circle at which diameter will be in 1,5 times more than diameter of a cap. Compare the hat of the button with the drawn circle on the fabric. The image of the drawing should not extend beyond the boundaries of the cap. Cut a circle out of the fabric. If the edges of the fabric are susceptible to shedding, then they can be strengthened. To do this, it is sufficient to apply a thin layer of PVA glue to the edges of the cut circle from the fabric.


Sew a seam along the diameter of the carved circle. Make stitches small (two to three millimeters). This will allow evenly to assemble the edges of the fabric. Leave both ends of the thread free.


Put the hat of the button with the stalk upwards into the center of the carved circle. Pull both ends of the thread, evenly taking the edges of the fabric. Get tight fitting buttons Fabric. Tie the ends of the thread to a double knot. You can make a soft, bulky button. For this, between Fabric And put some sintepon with a button. It is quite elastic, it is easily compressed, allowing you to button up the button. At the same time, after compression, quickly acquires the original form.


Assemble the button by aligning the base with the cap. You can additionally reinforce the details of the button. To do this, apply a thin layer of glue to the top of the base.


In the same way, make the rest of the buttons.

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