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How to create waterfalls


How to create waterfalls</a>

If the water in any place falls from a height of more than one meter, this area is already considered a waterfall.

In the world there are many natural waterfalls, they are born for various reasons and sooner or later die.



Most often waterfalls are formed when inThe more hard rock is replaced by a soft rock. Water constantly blurs the bottom of the river, and if one breed is softer than the other, this process will occur unevenly. Gradually the hard rock forms a ledge, which is getting higher and higher, the water begins to dilute the water behind it, since it has not only the strength of the current, but also the force of the fall from the height.


The harder the rock, from which the ledge is formed,The longer the waterfall will last, if it fades away, even slower than the area behind it, then soon the waterfall will disappear, since the surface of the river bed will equalize. Also, waterfalls gradually move upstream of the river, as the rock of the ledge, however hard it was, is still blurred.


Waterfalls can occur not only by virtue ofNatural blurring of the channel for a long time. Sometimes there is a natural disaster - a mountain collapse, an eruption of a volcano, an earthquake, and the current of the river overlaps. Gradually the level of the river reaches the height of the obstacle and the water begins to fall from a height into the channel where it used to flow. Such waterfalls appear very quickly.


Often, whole cascades of smallWaterfalls, this is due to the appropriate composition of rocks at this point in the riverbed. Sometimes the crest of the waterfall does not withstand a constant load of water only in one place, a high cliff remains, but the water breaks through a thin channel in it and does not fall downward, but slides down an inclined trench.


Some waterfalls occur where the plateau sharply passes into the lowland, on the Earth a lot of places with such a relief. The river waters of the plateaus plummet downward from a tremendous height.


The cause of the appearance of some waterfallsGlaciers. At one time, large glaciers formed long narrow valleys, and small glaciers, cutting into them from the side, created openings in the steep cliffs of the main valley. Now from these openings the mountain rivers flow. Many such waterfalls are of glacial origin in the Alps.

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