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HOW do violet beads

How to violet beads

Bead masters made not only very beautiful decoration, but also a lot of different crafts: weaving perennial trees and bouquets of flowers, including sweet and delicate violet.

You will need

  • - 50 g of beads of different colors fioletovogo-
  • - 1 g of yellow beads.
  • - 50 g of beads of different colors zelenogo-
  • - Pliers,
  • - Pliers,
  • - stationery knife-
  • - A wire of 0.2 mm thick and 0.4 mm-
  • - Floss purple and green.



Calibrate the beads in shades and size of the beads, put it in a different small containers, such as saucers or sockets for jam. So you will be easier to string beads on wire.


To create a violet petals cut a piecewire thickness of 0.2 mm length 50 cm. nanizhite her mid 14 transparent beads deep purple color. Then pass one end of the wire through the first bead of a number, in the end you should have a loop. Next 7 nanizhite dark purple matte beads on one of the free ends of the wire and thread it through the top end of bead loops. In the second free end nanizhite 8 matte beads dark purple hue. twist the wire ends several times. Make 5 petals in a similar manner.


Cut a piece of wire 40 cm long. Nanizhite 3 yellow beads for serdtsevinki violet wire in the middle. Now fold it in half, and the beads should be placed in the middle. Around the midway position petals and tighten the wire, forming a stalk. Take a few fialochek depending on the desired size of the finished product.


Proceed to the manufacture of violet leaves. Take the wire of 0.4 mm thick, cut a piece of 20 cm in length and make a loop at its end. On the opposite side nanizhite 7 beads green. At a distance of about 15 cm from the noose tighten the wire thickness of 0.2 mm in length of 100 cm, it nanizhite green beads of different shades of green beads 70 cm. At the end tighten the loop.


The chain strung with beads is located next tothe first row and twist the beads 7, creating the second row. Then do the same with the second side of the first row, twist the beads 7, but at the bottom of the chain. Next, do the same way, each time increasing the number of beads in a row. Just a piece of paper with 13 rows. Take 5-7 leaves of this size and several smaller leaves.


Collect flowers and leaves in the bush. Wrap the flower stalk and stems about 2/3 the length of the wire thread floss in tone beads. Connect multiple fialochek, on the edges of the leaves, place and tighten the wire at the bottom of the composition. Violet beads put in a small bowl or pot for houseplants.

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