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How to do magic tricks of disguise

How are tricks of disguise

Tricks to disguise the imagination, notleaving a drop of doubt in the reality of the miracle. Original and colorful room full of mystery, from grateful viewers will cause a real delight.

So, how do you do such tricks.

You will need

  • - shirma-
  • - Layered clothing made of very thin material-
  • - blestki-
  • - konfetti-
  • - artistizm-
  • - Agility.



For fast changing, only one or twoseconds. For a moment - and before the public a new image. One room is changing a few bright dresses. His performance usually requires the involvement of multiple actors. As a rule, appears doubles duo - a magician and a beautiful girl, his assistant.


Supporting details usedvirtuosos for the spectacular show acts decorated fabric of the desired size and shape, which serves as a screen. At the right moment partner "toggles" the viewer's attention on himself, allowing his partner to make a quick change of focus elegant. On the second distract the viewer from the actor capable of glosses, confetti. It creates a magic atmosphere, where after soaring on stage confetti viewers in the audience can see the emergence of a new costume transformations.


To have an idea of ​​the focus fromtransformation suits, workers need to know the moment of transformation. Special clothes tailoring is the main guardian of the illusion. Artfully sewn fasteners (such as Velcro) to help the actor to perform an extraordinary trick of disguise. Clothes made of thin material is chosen so as to be multi-layered package. In this case only one finger movements, to cause a storm of applause.


Only the hours of work and persistence stageactor lead to the desired result - a virtuoso trick of disguise, is admired by a grateful public. Compulsory supplement to the professional as well - agility, excellent understanding of each other's artists, the confidence and the automatism of action. Thanks to the skill of execution viewer is convinced of the magic happened.

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