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How does three-dimensional drawings on pavement

How to make a three-dimensional drawings on pavement

Three-dimensional drawings on the pavement is a special and very interesting trend in street art.

It is based on tricks with perspective, to view the deception.

If we look at history, the first graphicthe image on the pavement appeared in Italy in the fourteenth century. While self-taught artists migrated from one city to another, entertaining people the fact that the medieval squares depicting various religious scenes. Modern three-dimensional image is performed slightly differently.

Now perform imaging technology, three-dimensionaland at the same time the plane that are based on distortion and perspective, and is widely used for advertising purposes, and not only. This picture - anamorphosis - can see only when viewed from a certain point. In a review from this point of the picture is deliberately distorted, is able to take the right kind.

3D drawing quite difficult to master science,but still possible. Draw volumetric paintings can be literally any surface, but it is important to learn the specifics of a particular material. The drawings on the pavement, of course, produce the greater effect than the well-chosen place for them. Skillfully made three-dimensional images can strongly hit his reality originality.

What rules must be observed when creating the volume figures

Before you create a beautiful volume pattern,It should be thoroughly thought through all the stages of work. It must be built a clear plan as to how the facilities will be located, but do not forget at the same time that the drawing images in 3D precise definition of places of objects is fairly important criterion.

With the sketch you can see the shape of objects -as well as a simple map, it will be used to determine the required location. Also it is necessary to determine in which direction is the light source such as the sun.

The shadows in the areas of having middle-blackout, it is necessary to paint with great care. At the slightest error lighten them quite difficult. It's important to understand what is a shadow. It is, so to speak, creates an overview of the volume.

You must try to carry out a so-called layered work. Start better with light sketches, after which all the obscure to the required level.

When you create the shadow, outline should try not perform particularly well - so you can get a more realistic image.

To get a spectacular 3D images to beto focus on the position, a point of view from which to examine the picture viewers. Correctly position the selection makes it possible to create a pattern in the right format, that is three-dimensional.

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