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How does the watch commander

Commander mechanical watches are usually

Holders commanding hours once enjoyed unquestioned authority among neighbors and colleagues, for merit such an award was not easy.

Now these watches - Vintage fashion accessory fans now Soviet-style.

They may be genuine, that is, from the company "Vostok", or fake.

Where tradition?

The tradition of awarding the clock was still in the era ofMiddle Ages. True, at first did not watch handed military and the court or diplomats. In the Russian army, this custom has appeared at the beginning of the last century and became especially popular during the Civil War. Order of the young republic did not appear at once, so the most distinguished servicemen were awarded weapon or hours. Watches were considered very valuable gift. They cost incredibly expensive, even the representative of the high command could not afford such a luxury. Been awarded a clock, of course, not all. Most often they handed them the commanders of the Red Army. Hence matter and name.

As they looked

These were the men's mechanical watches. Housing made of high-quality metal. The design could be different, but the form was simple enough hours. From commanding hours required above all precision and reliability. They had the usual round dial with Arabic or Roman numerals, metal or leather bracelet.
There was a timepiece with a 24-hourdial. Sometimes on the big dial made even a little - the compass, or a stopwatch. However, the compass on the commander's watch - is not very convenient, because the metal housing greatly affects the magnetized arrow accuracy. Most vintage model - commanding a watch with a luminous dial.
We produce watch different firms. They were mostly Soviet factories, but sometimes called the commander's and Swiss watches. now recognized as production leader is commanding hours - In 1942, the factory "Vostok" was opened. It is the first time in the Soviet Union issued a waterproof watch "Amphibian". But this kind of products produced in different years, as plants "Rocket", "Star", "Ray".

Modern watch commander

Now manufacturers offer customers the mostdifferent models commanding hours. Among them are the traditional mechanical and electromechanical. Changed and materials. Modern commander clock can be in a plastic case. However, classic watches are still made of metal, and they are often mechanically as designed primarily for operation in extreme conditions. Electronics can fail, with the mechanical elements of this happens much less often. According to the accuracy of modern walking commander watches did not yield high-precision electronic.

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