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How does the scheme origami paper for beginners

How are schemes origami paper for beginners

Origami - an ancient art of folding the various figures out of paper. It has its roots in ancient China, where paper was invented.

The main advantage of origami is that it allows you to experiment with different types of paper.

For craft perfect colored office paper, but the same figures can be folded out of clippings of magazines, newspapers and even ordinary wrappers.



To start folding, you need tolearn a set of symbols used in the schemes origami different difficulty: fold, fold, bend, turn, bend, incise, wrap, and others.


First of all, learn how to perform basic forms: double triangle, a kite, a pancake, a door, a book, a frog. Before the creation of origami dragon or swan, best practice on simpler circuits for beginners.


The boat is one of the easiest schemesorigami. In order to lay down the model, you will need a square piece of paper and a pair of simple movements. You can use a special origami paper, or any other, but the main thing that was a square sheet. If you take colored paper, then be sure to position the color side down.


You will be pleasantly surprised by its unusual half cut paper heart, then there is a very beautiful valentine paper folded in origami technique.


Just a couple of minutes you will be able to be folded out of the bright colored paper bulk stars. They certainly prigodyatsya for the new year and in daily life, will add to your life bright colors.


Very useful little things different in the form of paperenvelopes, beautiful gift boxes or picture frames. All this is primarily an original, unusual and quite easy to do it yourself on the step by step origami schemes.


Do not forget about Kusudama - bright flower balls. Such crafts out of paper can be hung on a rope in every corner of the apartment. With their help you quickly create a festive mood in your home.


If you want to create something more complex,then it offers modular origami for beginners. These bulky paper figures consist of separate elements without glue and scissors. Paper swan module can take its rightful place in any home and captivate admiring glances guests.

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