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How does atmospheric pressure affect people?


How does atmospheric pressure affect people?</a>

It is known that there are people especially sensitive to the weather. It's about those who react to changes in pressure by changing their state of health.

It often happens that when the place of residence changes, the health condition worsens, so the body reacts to the pressure change, it can differ from the usual indicators.



It's quite easy for a person to bear a raiseAtmospheric pressure, only at extremely high rates there are violations in the work of the respiratory system, the heart. As a rule, the reaction consists in a slight decrease in the heart rate and in an easy slowing of the breathing. If the pressure is excessively increased, dry skin, a feeling of a small numbness, dry mouth can be observed, but all these conditions, as a rule, do not cause excessive discomfort.


If the pressure in the environment changes gradually, then the person may not notice this, smooth changes in the parameters allow the body to adapt to new conditions.


If the increased pressure of the surrounding atmosphereWe bear easily, then lowering the pressure is fraught with problems. Firstly, the heartbeat becomes frequent and uneven, that some people can cause serious inconveniences. The drop in pressure leads to a small oxygen starvation of the body, which is why such consequences occur. As the pressure in the atmosphere as a whole decreases, the partial oxygen pressure also decreases. As a result, a person receives a reduced volume of oxygen, and it is no longer possible to replenish reserves with normal breathing.


Unfortunately, we can not somehow influence theAtmospheric pressure - whether it decreases, or decreases, we can only take it as a reality. However, you can help your body cope with the stresses coming from outside.


Experts recommend that when you go downAtmospheric pressure with a special sensitivity to the rest to rest, less to move, give up sports and active work. You should spend more time outdoors, preferably outdoors. Give up heavy food, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke. Eat small meals, but often. You can take sedative teas and light soothing drops (after consulting with a doctor in advance).

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