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How to take a photo for a restaurant


How to take a photo for a restaurant</a>

The main pride of the restaurant is its cuisine.

Beautifully decorated dishes, exquisite decorationsOn cocktails, surprises from the chef require quality photography for advertising a delicious place. Food from booklets or monitors should ask for potential visitors in the mouth.

That's why a photographer or an institution manager needs to know how to take a photo for a restaurant.

You will need

  • - camera-
  • - the lens for portrait and macro shooting-
  • - protective filter for lens glass-
  • - a small tripod-
  • - beautiful dishes from the restaurant menu.



Get the necessary for a delicious photo shootTechnique. It is not necessary to use a professional camera, an excellent image can be obtained with a digital "soap box" with a removable lens. Really, a small tripod can be useful to make the camera stable, and the photos for the restaurant are clear, without blurring.


To take a photo for a restaurant, take a seat atWindows or on the veranda. A well-lit area will save you from using a flash that can create ugly glare on food or glimpses from the glossy surface of a plate or table. Place the dish on the most attractive side of the dish to the lens.


When the sun gives enough light,Use a short shutter speed (from 1/250 to 1/1000) and a small aperture (1.8 - 2.8). Such settings are arranged in manual photography mode. They allow you to achieve a good focus on the subject and a beautiful depth of field.


It is not always possible to make a photo forRestaurant in daylight or using a flash. It seems that the situation for a successful image is unfavorable, but it is far from the case. Use the manual mode to set the required parameters. Be sure to set a high sensitivity (at least 1000 in poor lighting), which is marked on the camera as an ISO value. Just do not abuse it, otherwise you will get a lot of noise or grains in the photo.


If you can use the flash, make itSlightly muted and compensate for a more open diaphragm. Remember that when shooting a flash built into the camera at a close distance, you will get either extra glimpses or a completely blurry image.


For a quality photo for the restaurant carefullyLook around the neighborhood. Protect the main character of the frame from unnecessary hands, crumbs or stains on the tablecloth, fingerprints on a plate or a glass. Remember to take pictures of a half-eaten dish, often in life it looks more appetizing than in the subsequent photos. An exception can serve, for example, a layered cake, which must be imprinted "from within".


Install the camera on a tripod in advance, ie., When they bring a hot dish, you can make a shot "from the heat with the heat." For complex dishes (salad with pasta, curry, etc.) use a minimalistic monophonic decor: white plates, simple appliances, tablecloth. But bright dishes make more appetizing simple dishes.

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