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How do photos for the restaurant

How do photos for the restaurant

The main pride of the restaurant - his kitchen.

Beautifully decorated dishes, fine jewelryin cocktails, surprises from the chef require high-quality photos for advertising space tasty. Food from booklets or monitors should ask to potential visitors in the mouth.

That is why the photographer or the manager places important to know how to make photos for the restaurant.

You will need

  • - fotoapparat-
  • - Lens for portraiture and makrosemki-
  • - Protective filter for lenses- glass
  • - Small shtativ-
  • - Beautiful dishes from the restaurant menu.



Obtain necessary for a delicious photo shoottechnique. Optionally, use a professional camera, excellent image can be obtained with a digital "Soap" with a removable lens. Really it can be useful to a small tripod, so the camera has acquired resistance, and photos for the restaurant to get a clear, without blurring.


To make the photo to the restaurant, take a seat at thewindow or on the porch. A well-lit area will eliminate the use of flash, which can create an ugly glare on food or reflections from the glossy surface of the plate or table. Place the dish most attractive side dish to the lens.


When the sun gives a sufficient amount of light,Use a fast shutter speed (1/250 to 1/1000) and a small aperture (1.8 - 2.8). These settings are built in manual photographing mode. They allow you to get a good focus on the object and a great depth of field.


It does not always have the opportunity to take a photo forrestaurant in daylight or with a flash. It seems that the situation for a successful picture is unfavorable, but it is not so. Use the manual mode to configure the settings. Be sure to set the high sensitivity (at least 1000 in low light), which is indicated on the camera as the ISO value. Just do not overdo it or you will get a lot of noise in the picture, or grains.


If possible, use the flash, make itslightly muted and compensate more open aperture. Remember that when taking the camera's built-in flash at close range you will get any extra glow or completely blurred image.


For high-quality photo for a restaurant closeLooking around the "neighborhood." Secure the main frame of the hero of extra hands, crumbs or stains on the tablecloth, fingerprints on the plate or glass. Zarek photographed half-eaten meal, often in life, it looks more appetizing than the next photos. An exception could serve, for example, layer cake, which is necessary to capture the "inside".


Set the camera on a tripod in advance, thusThat will bring a hot dish, you can make the frame "piping hot." For complex dishes (. Salad with pasta, curry, etc.) using minimalist monochrome decor: white plates, simple instruments, tablecloth. But the bright dishes will make a delicious simple dishes.

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