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What does a new passport look like?


What does a new passport look like?</a>

An overseas passport is the main document certifying the identity of a citizen in another country. Today in Russia they issue a passport of an old or new type (biometric).

The latter was introduced on January 1, 2006 and differs from the old one not only in appearance, but also in the presence of a built-in microchip with data.



On the cover of the biometric passport, you canSee the inscription "Passport" and "Russian Federation", printed in Russian and English. And also the emblem of the Russian Federation and a special protective icon in the form of a rectangle with a circle inside.


The first page of a new passport isPlastic. On it there is a photograph of the owner, which is not pasted, but applied with the help of special laser technology. That's why the passport holder is photographed in the FMS department when collecting documents. The digital photo does not contain a pattern of blue ornament and a hologram of a circular shape characteristic of the old one.


On the same page, a microchip is integrated withInformation about the owner. It contains his surname, name and patronymic, place and date of birth, sex, passport number and duration, the name of the body that issued the document. The same data is printed on the page. The microchip can also be entered any additional information about the owner - the standards even provide for the possibility of storing special biometric information in the chip, for example fingerprints or the figure of the iris of the eye. But so far there is no such data.


At the top of the plastic page there is an inscription"Russian Federation" in two languages, and on the right - a protective emblem-hologram in the form of a diamond, on which at a certain angle to the light you can see the owner's photo. Below the inscription is the serial number of the document. And at the bottom of the top page is printed the international designation RUS, which makes it clear that this document belongs to a Russian citizen. In addition, on all pages of the passport his serial number is knocked out.


Advantage of biometric passport inThat it is more difficult to forge it. It is believed that this causes more confidence on the border and speeds up the procedure for passing through it. In addition, the photo applied by the laser will not lose color with time, and the plastic page with the data will not be shattered.

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