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How does the music on the conception of the child process

How does the music on the conception of the child process

It is known that music is the food of love. However, only recently, scientists figured out that music really can work wonders.

It turns out that it helps to stimulate the egg to fertilize it, such as IVF.

The positive impact of music on the conception of the child process

More recently, modern scientists have found that,if the egg in vitro to play calm and pleasant music, the melody is able to increase the chance of fertilization it by about 5%.

These data were obtained in the course of numerous experiments and research.

Scientists from Spain believed that the smallest onesvibration, which produces music mainly positively affect the process of artificial insemination. Probably, such vibrations stimulate the receipt of multiple nutrients in the egg itself, as well as accelerate the release of toxins, thereby significantly increase the chance of starting a result of fertilization, as well as increasing the percentage of embryo survival.
Currently, all adults enoughpicky in the music, as well as give their preference of different music styles. Embryos, in turn, did not act up, there is no difference between classical, pop, club music, or even a loud hard rock for them.

It is a fact the influence of music on the conception of the child process

Scientists from the hospital treatment of infertility in Barcelonaconducted an interesting experience: they have about one thousand eggs and fertilize them with sperm, the egg then placed in special laboratory incubators. Then for one of the incubators included player with different music, and the second part of the incubators placed in soundproof room where there was no excessive noise or sound. Once the experts have checked all tubes fertilization result, they found that those in the incubators, where the music was played, the percentage of fertilization was much higher than in those where there was a silence. During the study, the researchers tried to like the conditions that are the best possible conditions in the laboratory to bring in the womb of a woman, of course, mostly concerned temperature and light.

Prior to this experiment, scientists have done research on the lighting programs, but no one paid any attention to his sounds.

Also, after this study, researchersWe suggested that the best way to conceive a child approaches a dance and positive music, for example, in a style as techno, dub-step, or any rhythmic club music.

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