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How does a mountain

As there are mountains

Mountains - areas of the earth surface raised above the plain and sharply dissected.

They occupy 24% of the surface of the earth are multimillion history, different height and method of formation.



Scientists have long established that the mountains appearin the place where there is intense movement of earth plates. Many millions of years ago, the tectonic plates creeps on each other, and compressed under tremendous pressure in giant folds, broke into the cracks and fissures. Thus arose folded mountains, examples of which are the Appalachian Mountains, has lost its original height, and most of the Alps.


Vaulted or domed mountains appeareda somewhat different way. These layers of rock arched up molten lava, which is under great pressure aspired to the Earth's surface. On these mountains can be seen today infiltrated the masses of igneous rocks. An example of this - Black Hills, located in the US state of Dakota.


One piece, or as they are called, blocky,Mountains appeared as a result of failures or faults of the Earth's crust. Giant boulders began to move along the fault, falling or rising up inside. It thus appeared Teton Range and the Sierra Nevada mountain range in America.


Some solitary mountain with beautifulconical and symmetrical shape, formed at the site of the volcano. During its eruption on the surface of the earth settled magma, ash, rocks and dirt. Over time, the lava solidified, forming a small hill that every eruption is getting higher. Similarly formed beautiful Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Vesuvius in Italy. They are easily recognized by their cut off the top, where is located the mouth of the volcano.


Despite the apparent solidity and firmness ofhot, they tend to change, and even destruction. Their soil is often washed away by streams of water, and rain, and the slopes are destroyed frozen water. Over time, even the largest peaks can turn into small hills, and even plain, though it will take many millions of years.

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