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How mountains arise


How mountains arise</a>

The mountains are parts of the earth's surface, raised above the plain and sharply dissected.

They occupy 24% of the entire surface of the earth, have a multimillion-dollar history, different heights and a mode of education.



Scientists have long established that the mountains appearIn the place where there are intensive movements of earth plates. Many millions of years ago, tectonic plates crawled over each other and contracted under enormous pressure into giant folds, breaking into cracks and fractures. In this way, folded mountains appeared, of which the Appalachians are an example, which have already lost their original height, and most of the Alps.


The vaulted or domed mountains aroseIn a slightly different way. These layers of rocks bent up molten lava, which under great pressure sought to the surface of the Earth. On such mountains today you can see the embedded masses of igneous rocks. An example of this - the Black Hills, located in the US state of Dakota.


Whole, or, as they are also called, blocky,Mountains appeared as a result of failures or faults of the earth's crust. Giant blocks began to move along the fault, falling inward or rising upwards. This is how the Teton Range and the Sierra Nevada mountain range appeared in America.


Some solitary mountains, having a beautifulConical and symmetrical form, formed in the place of the volcano. During its eruption, magma, ash, stones and mud settled on the surface of the earth. Over time, the lava froze, forming a small hill, which with every eruption of the volcano was getting higher. Similarly, the beautiful Mount Fuji in Japan or Vesuvius in Italy was formed. They are easy to recognize by the cut off top, where the vent of the volcano is located.


Despite the seeming monolithic and firmnessMountains, they tend to change and even destroy. Their soil is often washed by streams of water and rain, and the slopes are destroyed by frozen water. Over time, even the largest peaks can turn into small hills and even plains, although it will take many millions of years.

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