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How to plan angular kitchens


How to plan angular kitchens</a>

To make the kitchen comfortable and functional, you need to consider many factors, carefully consider the location of each piece of furniture.

This is especially important in a limited space, the most convenient option for a small kitchen is the corner furniture placement.

You will need

  • - Roulette-
  • - kitchen plan-
  • - known sizes of furniture and equipment.



Begin the layout of the corner kitchen from the drawing upPlan of the room. Indicate on the plan the location of the door, windows, communication nodes, the location of sockets, gas stove, sink. If you know the size of some furniture, draw it on the same scale and cut it out, for a convenient search for the best option.


When cornering the furniture, place it along theTwo adjacent walls, and the kitchen table will then stand in the free zone. Try to tie the layout to the main objects: a stove, a refrigerator and a sink.


Sink in the middle (most importantly, not in theCorner), for a plate find such a place to exclude grazing dishes about the food being prepared, the refrigerator should be located so that the opening door does not cover the free space.


Begin planning from the lower row of cabinets andStanding on the floor of the furniture (refrigerator and stove). In this case, when designing the upper row, note that the width of the hood should be greater than the width of the hob surface. The depth of the upper cabinets should be less than the depth of the bottom - for convenient use and coziness in the kitchen.


Do not place the hob and oven nearFridge. Dishwasher and washing machine is installed in line with the sink, so that it is more convenient to connect them. The best place for the working surface is between the stove and the sink.


Try to use the kitchen spaceEffectively, so that the right thing can be obtained from almost any situation. Use the angle for additional shelves, where you can store rarely used kitchen utensils.


If you plan to order furniture inSpecialized company, take measurements very carefully, so that it fits perfectly into the room. It is best to call a gage - in that case, if the discrepancy is not met, the firm will re-do everything at its own expense (if it is spelled out in the contract).

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