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How do plan kitchen corner

How to plan corner kitchen

To make the kitchen a comfortable and functional, you need to consider many factors carefully consider the location of each piece of furniture.

This is especially important in a limited space, the most convenient option for a small kitchen - it is the angular placement of furniture.

You will need

  • - ruletka-
  • - Plan kitchen-
  • - Known dimensions of furniture and appliances.



Start planning a corner kitchen with preparationplan of the premises. Point to the location of the plane door, windows and communications nodes, the location of the outlets, gas stove, sink. If you know the dimensions of a piece of furniture, draw it on the same scale and cut for easy finding the optimal variant.


When planning a corner furniture is arranged alongtwo adjacent walls, and kitchen table with the rise in the free zone. Try to tie the plan to key facilities: stove, refrigerator and sink.


Sink is in the middle (the main thing is not tocorner), to get the plates is a place to avoid grazing dishes on the show cooking, a refrigerator should be located so that the door opening does not overlap space.


Start planning with bottom row of cabinets andstanding on the floor furniture (refrigerator and stove). At the same time the design of the upper row, note that the hood width must be greater than the width of the cooktop surface. The depth of the upper cupboards must be less than the depth of the bottom - for comfort and ease of use in the kitchen.


Hob and oven, do not place nearrefrigerator. Dishwasher, washing machine, set on the same line to the sink to make it easier to connect them. The best place to work surface - between the stove and sink.


Try to use the kitchen spaceeffectively to the desired item could be obtained from almost any position. Coal is used for additional shelves, where you can store rarely used kitchen utensils.


If you plan to order furniturespecialized firm, conduct measurements very carefully so that it fit perfectly in the room. It is best to call gager - in this case, non-compliance firm to do it all at his own expense (if it is written in the contract).

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