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How does the Internet per person

How does the Internet per person

Daily Internet use can affect the human is not the best way.

This often leads to various health problems and even mental disorders.



According to the latest researchart online can cause in humans a strong dependence. Many users hardly control carried out at the computer time. Often, they even promised himself to reduce it and to complete the program, but did not find the strength to do this, and even angry, if someone is trying to distract them from the computer.


A variety of digital hobbies, for example,online games, watching or listening to music online and surfing the social networks are literally dragging a man forcing overshadow the other cases. Not surprisingly, when answering the question of what the user was doing at one time or another, he lies and describes a completely different activity: study, work documentation, etc.


If the Internet is transformed into everydayhabit, he becomes distracted, start to think about how quickly to return to the virtual world. He often thinks about how to pass level in the game, or from friends who write. If someone tries to interfere with the plans of man to sit at the computer, he begins to feel irritated, nervous and becomes detached.


In the absence of Internet access-dependentit man begins to feel helpless and unable to cope with certain tasks on their own. Such people become less and less friends in real life, because to look for "my friends" and make new friends, they prefer the Internet.


People who spend a lot of time forcomputer, gradually begin to experience other health problems. They have a vision deteriorates, there is curvature of the spine, the body becomes more obese, and the skin becomes pale and dull shade. Such people are prone to frequent colds and simply feel uncomfortable when dealing with others in the real world.

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