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How does the international driving license

New international driver's license

To move freely in the car on the roads of foreign states require a driver's license of international standard.

The new format of such rights on the vehicle driving introduced in Russia in 2011.

New international law (IDP) issued in Russiafrom April 2011. If this is not the time has expired the old model rights, restructure them is not required. Get a document in the division of traffic police at his residence.

Why do international driving license?

According to the International Convention on Roadmotion, which was adopted in Vienna in 1968, to travel by car through the territories of Europe and many other countries are allowed without an IDP. Convention adopted the 82 states, including all European countries. Subsequently, the treaty ratified by Mongolia, Kenya, Niger, South Korea, Seychelles. Formally, the Russian national rights make it possible to drive vehicles in these countries, but it is not implemented in practice. For this reason, a tourist is bound to arise from the claims of foreign traffic police. For example, in Italy in the absence of IDP certainly discharged fine of 300 dollars.
In addition, in many European and othercountries established the rule that the vehicle rental is only possible upon presentation of international standard driver's license. If you choose to bypass this barrier and travel on your own car, then the visa embassy necessarily ask for IDPs. It is therefore easier to obtain the necessary license, especially since this procedure is simple and does not take much time.

How are international driving license?

The driver's license of international standardIt is a small A6 size booklet. It can be filled out by hand or printed with the help of technical means. However, all the information is entered only in Latin. You can also use the Arabic script. The front side of the certificate must contain the following information:
•;date of issue-
•; the start date and end Actions-
•; the subject of the Russian Federation, which were given the right and the authority to deal with their oformleniem-
•; the number and series of existing Russian driver of the Management Board
•; requires a round seal of the traffic police unit and signature of issuing MVU-
On the second sheet booklets, with its reverse side,to fit the information on restrictions (if any) for the right to manage certain categories of vehicles. The inner side of the third sheet is intended to indicate information about the driver: name, surname, date and place of birth, which is registered or recorded. At the same sheet using the oval stamp Stamp opposite the permitted categories of vehicles. For those that are not allowed, in the right place to put crosses.
When planning a trip to a foreign countryit should be remembered that the international driver's license in the member countries of the Geneva Convention of 1949 gives the right to drive only if the driver makes the police and their national rights. Knowledge of this rule will greatly facilitate movement within most European countries.

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