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How does the game

How are games

Games for PC appeared in the generation of more than half a century ago. It was a simple game of table tennis on a black screen.

Today games attract millions of people and rich gameplay bright computer graphics.



It all began in 1952. The student has invented a primitive game of "tic-tac-toe" on the tube computer. It was the first computer game graphics.


The concept of the game is at the forefront. Meeting for the meeting, "thought the headquarters' team is the script, thinks the events and characters of the new game.


The computer game is divided into separate episodes,which number and is attached to the board. In the future, this board serves as the main production center. At the same time, work with graphic animation department creates layouts in three-dimensional graphics. It also observed storyboard.


For further commercial success of the game is importantthe appearance of the characters and their movements - as the key defining gameplay (swings his arms and legs, taking items and artifacts) and additional (facial expressions, gestures). This deal also animators.


It creates a "skeleton" of the character, whichsuperimposed over his appearance, designed by designers. Carefully all the changes of the skeleton (future movements) honed according to the scenario. The average number of movements of the main character may be 700 (and it's not the limit). Success accompanied by hundreds and thousands of experiments.


On animators and falls the task of creating the background of the game. Towns, villages, and the ships of the desert created by artists and computer graphics professionals. For added realism movement space, wind, snow, shadows.


Programmers develop the game menuArtificial Intelligence. Thousands of lines of code characters influence decision-making, computer-controlled. At the sound studio recorded voice actors. Then the sound mixes with the technique of their team overlaid on the music.


The final stage of the development of the game is to test passing in two phases: alpha (the developers) and beta (independent gamers). Upon completion of testing the game out on the market.

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