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HOW do epigraph

How do epigraph

In blogging, blogs, messages of forum and social networks today can often find small beautiful pictures that are inserted nickname of the owner or any quotation.

These pictures are a kind of motto for your blog, journal or website, and they can be placed in their own profiles on various social services.

Create a picture-epigraph can be a matter of minutes.



Select the appropriate beautiful picture youWe would like to see on the main page of their website, and then choose a texture to the image, choose your favorite option from the mass of textures that can be found on the Internet in the collections for designers and artists working in computer graphics.


Pictures and texture open in a commonAdobe Photoshop document and place a layer with a picture above the texture layer. Use the Free Transform tool (Ctrl + T), adjust the picture size to match each other, and then change the blending mode (Blend Mode) to Lighten.


Select the Eraser Tool in the toolbar, andadjust the eraser so that she had a soft blurred edge. Deal with one edge of the eraser pictures, trying to make the transition from the image to the texture smooth and unobtrusive. If necessary, slightly move the image to open a larger part of the texture.


Garnish with additional future epigraphvisual effects - desaturate your image by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + U, and then select the new layer's blending mode, for example, Soft Light.


To picture-epigraph looked finished, withusing the Type Tool enter any suitable type any phrase or quote from a movie or a book that you like, on the area of ​​the texture. Paint any color text. Some areas of the text treat translucent soft brush.

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