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How do the Chinese sky lanterns

How do the Chinese sky lanterns

It is believed that the Chinese sky lanterns only masters can do in a traditional design.

To do this, use rice paper, which is impregnated with a special solution to prevent the risk of fire, combustible material, strong wire and bamboo hoop.

And if the combustible material and the wire should be no problem, the other components is quite difficult to find.

However, to make a flying lantern in the home is still possible.

Chinese sky lanterns with their own hands, what you need

For the manufacture of air Chinese lantern you will need:
- 1 large skotch-
- 1 box of cardboard 30x30 or 40x40 cm
- 1 pack of thin colored garbage bags of 120 n-
- 1 bottle of liquid to fuel the fire or medical spirta-
- 1 roll kalki-
- A ruler, tape measure or a tape measure to zamerov-
- Thin provoloka-
- 1 pack of cotton wool.

Chinese sky lanterns: Techniques

After preparing all of the above materials, you are ready to assemble the flying lantern. His scheme is simple enough - with steel wire frame attached wick and the outer shell.
First, take the garbage bag, open it, andthen measure the diameter. From tracing paper to make a sequel package and attach it to it with tape. After that, from a piece of cardboard cut into wide strips 1.5-2.5 cm. Attach strips of tracing paper to the outside by means of an adhesive tape.
Make for the Chinese lantern wireframe. To do this, twist the wire circle and optionally attach crosswise 2 pieces of wire. So you'll have to give your design stiffness and will be where to attach the wick.
On the wire in the middle of the frame fasten lumpwool, pre-impregnated with a liquid to ignite fire or rubbing alcohol. It is advisable to immediately prepare several wicks, and also to check how well they are set on fire, what is the size of the flame. Because of this you will be able to choose the perfect wick for your product.
Put on frame package with tracing paper and runChinese lantern. If the resulting design seems to you a little, you can do it more. To do this, simply glue a few garbage bags, take lots of cardboard, tracing paper and other materials.

Chinese sky lanterns: start rules

Start flying lanterns are allowed onlyopen area, away from the parking areas, high buildings, forests and dry grasslands. And most importantly - if the wind became strong, gusty launch lanterns rescheduled.
Light the wick and with the help of assistant - otheror girlfriend - flatten the dome so that it does not come into contact with the flame. Then gently lower the Chinese lantern on the ground, holding the frame. This need for more rapid heating of the air inside the structure.
After about one minute to pick up the torchchest level. As soon as he starts to reach up, release it. Do it slowly, gently holding the product of the rim. And then you will only enjoy the stunningly beautiful Chinese lantern flying in the night sky.

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