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HOW do cat

How to Cat

Cat - from the English "cut" - a function of the blog,allows you to hide the body text. As a result, the home page displays only announcements and link to the full article in the form of the words "read more" or similar phrases.

Each blog for registration of khat use its encoding.



LJ - one of the most popular blog platforms. It uses two types of Katov - standard issued tags: & lt-lj-cut & gt-hidden text & lt- / lj-cut & gt-. Link to the full text of the article is ( "Read More"). To use a different link text tags are: & lt-lj-cut text = & quot-Your Text & quot- & gt-Hidden text & lt- / lj-cut & gt-.


In a blog post on yaru tags standard kata look like: & lt-cut & gt-text under the cut & lt- / cut & gt-. The reference to the continuation of the word is "More". When using more complex tags: & lt-cut text = & quot-display text & quot- & gt-text under the cut & lt- / cut & gt- - text links to the full message can be varied.


Described tags can be used in a modeHTML-editing. If you prefer a visual editor, select the type of recording mode "with registration." Click the command "Insert Box." Select the text under the retractable cat, click "Insert Box." In the box that appears, enter a short text links to the full message.


Other services can also be used in cat visual mode by pressing synonymous with naming.

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