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How do brands

A variety of ornaments and unusual picturesalways liked the owners of personal websites, blogs and online diaries, and especially valuable are those ornaments for a site that you have created yourself, not copied from a preset clip art. Beautiful and original will look in your profile picture in the form of a postage stamp.

To produce such a picture can be a matter of minutes in Adobe Photoshop.



Select any image that you like, andfrom which you want to make a mark. As the brand - it is a small image, select the image with a fairly large invoice and too small and lack of plot drawings. Open the image in Photoshop, using its Frame the tool frame (Crop).


Select a small area of ​​the image thatwill your rectangular mark, and press Enter. The Crop tool settings, you can directly specify the desired sizes - 98 to 52 cm with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch.


Cropped image via dragtool moving image with the mark on the image with the background and jagged edges, open advance. Install the carved image exactly in the middle of a background with the frame, making sure that all edges are symmetrical to each other.


Create a new layer and choose Ellipse Marque Tool on the toolbar (oval area for allocation). With this tool, you will add the amount of the stamp. Highlight the part of the stamps using oval tool, and then fill the selection with half white, using Fill tool.


Set the Opacity parameter to 50% in order to become translucent white fill. Transparency can be changed in accordance with their wishes. Make stroke stamps and write on it any word or a nickname. Your brand to decorate their personal pages on the Internet ready.

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