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How do Belarusian vodka Bulbash

How do Belarusian vodka Bulbash

Vodka from ancient times considered a truly popular alcoholic beverage having intoxicating properties, and even healing.

List of recipes this drink is quite extensive, and it is impossible to calculate exactly how many species exist, but it is worth paying attention to one of the popular recipes, which is called Bulbash.

The name "Bulbash" has Belarusian rootsBelarus because it is the birthplace of this type of vodka. Very often you can hear Bulbash called themselves Belarusians, as they are famous for their love of potatoes. To create a vodka Bulbash taken a variety of components, it is grain alcohol, and infusion of oat flakes, as well as add special varieties of raisins and honey.

Calling home Bulbash vodka is not entirely correct, it is. rather fortification tincture.

Infusion of oats gives vodka mild and discreettaste, honey and raisins and sweet pleasant aroma. Fortress this drink is about 40 degrees. Prepare vodka at home quite easily, observing all stages of production.


Vodka is made from alcohol and water, but it's worthNote that alcohol is necessary to buy already cleaned, filtered. If you have not cleared the alcohol, then at home you will help birch charcoal. The capacity of 12 liters put shredded birch charcoal - 700 g - for exactly 21 days, each day shake bottle. Recall that for the recipe you need is grain alcohol.
Once the alcohol is cleared, pourfluid into another container. The bottle is put on the bottom 500 grams of washed raisins and pour the alcohol. Thus, for two weeks leave for alcohol with raisins.
When the time to add the infusion fluidoats, which can be prepared as follows: take the oats and using a coffee grinder grind it, then take a thermos and fill with boiling water. The resulting powdered mixture of oats leave for 12 hours, and then add in a bottle of alcohol and raisins.


To vodka had a sweet aroma and tasteadd honey, they say that it is best to use white honey, the approximate dosage is determined as follows: 50 grams of vodka for 50 grams of honey. It is added to the bottle in the least - the day before serving, since honey is very sweet, and if you overdo it in a bottle of alcohol, you may be sugary taste.


Belarusian vodka is not only strong, but also very cutting, drink it without snacks will not work.

Bulbash long time was a real Belarusianbrand, but because its production has not only put on stream, but also focused on export. Export vodka is stylized and has interesting details of the package, for example, opening the cap has Bulbash indicator and the bottle shows the temperature of the drink, changing color when cooled.

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