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If your lips are blurring and merging eyebrows with skin, think about the option tattoo or permanent makeup. With the thinnest needle under the skin pigments are introduced.

They can indicate the contours of the eyelids or lips, mimic the hairs of eyebrows.

However, this procedure there are contraindications - before contacting a specialist in tattooing, should read them carefully.



Tattoo or permanent makeup is calledsubcutaneous administration of plant or inorganic pigments. With their help, you can draw the contours of the lips or eyelids, eyebrows mimic the hairs, flies to portray and even completely paint over areas of the skin. This procedure requires thoroughness and accuracy - a special device with a fine needle cosmetologist introduces the paint to the desired depth. At the age of processing circuits may take 2-3 hours for a small drawing flies - about half an hour. The depth of needle insertion depends on the pigment and the area to which the paint is applied.


Before the procedure, you should consultwith your doctor. There are a number of contraindications for the tattoo. Among them, diabetes, asthma, various skin diseases. Contraindications and will be a tendency to form colloidal scars or allergic reactions to the dyes.


Decide which option you need makeup. Draw the outline of the upper eyelids will effect is always made-up eyes. You can take and lower eyelids, but this reduces the visual make-up eyes. Lip Tattoo will mark the contour of the mouth and even slightly correct its shape. If your lips are too pale, you can apply the paint on their entire surface - this option will look more natural. With the tattoo you can hide small scars or spots on the skin, as well as draw on the face graceful fly.


After selecting the pattern cosmetologist does iton the face with a pencil. tattoo procedure is quite painful and is done under local anesthesia. Note that fully remove the discomfort will not work - their intensity depends on your sensitivity. The selected pattern prick a special device with a fine needle.


Immediately after the procedure drawncircuit looks very bright - it confuses many patients. But after a while he turns pale, becoming more natural. A few days after a permanent make-up at the site of its application keeps the crust - it in no one case can not be deleted. Wait until it is completely dry and fall off by itself. Do not wet your face and do not put makeup on him. It should be avoided direct sunlight, which can cause skin irritation.

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