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How to make seedlings


How to make seedlings</a>

Most late-ripening vegetables need to be planted with pre-seedlings - so they grow up in time, and the harvest is somewhat higher.

Seedlings sits in the winter in small boxes, jars or peat pots.

The planting dates depend on the plant species, butYou can see them on packages with seeds or in horticultural books, which not only indicate the most favorable days for it, but also other useful information.



Buy seeds. It should be noted that hybrids of vegetable crops grow and bear fruit better than seeds obtained by grandmother's methods. Yes, and they are more resistant to frost and pests, and most often self-pollinated, so they can easily be planted not in the open ground, but in the greenhouse. Seeds you can pre-soak before germination, wrapping them in a rag and watering with warm water. But to plant wet seeds is much more difficult, they stick together.


Prepare a container for seedlings. Type in it a fertile land. It is advisable to buy it in the store. The peat soil should correspond to the type of vegetables. Additives that are available in purchased land, favorably affect the growth of certain crops. Look for which plants the peat is intended for on packaging.


Put the seeds in the ground. The gaps between them are also written on the package. Top with a small layer of earth and pour with warm water. You will see sprouts in 3-15 days. But even seeds not yet risen need to be watered periodically, otherwise they will not ascend.


As soon as it becomes warm in the street, transplantGrown vegetable or flower crops in an open ground or a greenhouse. Try to choose cloudy weather - so plants will get better. If the seedlings are weak, fertilize it with a complex fertilizer. During rooting in a new place, water planting twice a day. Collect as the fruit ripens.

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