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HOW do seedlings

How to seedlings

Most late-maturing vegetables need to plant seedlings beforehand - so they have time to grow in time, and the yield is slightly higher.

Seedlings sits in the winter in small boxes, cans or peat pots.

Dates of planting depends on the type of plant, butYou can see them on the seed package or gardening books, which indicated not only the most favorable for this day, but also other useful information.



Buy seeds. It should be noted that hybrids of vegetable crops grow and bear fruit better than the seeds obtained from the grandmother's methods. Yes, and they are more resistant to frost and pests, and often self-pollinated, so they easily can be planted in open ground is not as well in the greenhouse. Seeds you can soak up the germination, wrapped them in a cloth and warm water irrigation. But the wet plant seeds is much more complicated, they stuck together.


Prepare a container for seedlings. Dial it fertile ground. It is advisable to buy it in the store. Peat soils should correspond to the type of vegetables. Supplements, which are available in the purchase earth, beneficial to the growth of certain crops. See for which plants can be used on the packaging of peat.


Place the seeds in the ground. The intervals between them are also written on the packaging. On top sprinkle a thin layer of earth and pour warm water. Sprouts you see through 3-15 days. But not even sprouted seeds should be watered periodically, or they will not germinate.


Once on the street will be warm, transplantgrown vegetables or flower culture in the open field or greenhouse. Try to choose a cloudy weather - so the plant is better to take root. If the seedlings are weak, fertilize its complex fertilizer. During establishment in the new landing place watering twice daily. Are collected as fruit ripening.

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