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HOW do pose birch

How to pose birch

Known among our fellow citizens exercise "Birch" - not that other, as one of the asanas of yoga, which is called Sarvangasana.

It belongs to the group of so-called inverted asanas and quite complex in execution, but the effect is worth it.

It affects "birch"

-; Due to the inverted position of the body there is a powerful blood flow to the brain, it is saturated with oxygen.
-; There is a stimulation of the thyroid gland, which normalizes the activity of hormones and strengthens the immune system.
- Normalizes the pressure in the pelvic area, which facilitates suffering with hemorrhoids.
-; Pose helps to focus, relieve fatigue, to find harmony of body and soul.

There is also an opinion that Sarvangasana is especially useful for women who dream of a child. Allegedly, adopted immediately after copulation posture birch promotes fertility. However, this has not been verified.

How is Sarvangasana

Before performing Sarvagasanu necessaryto prepare the muscles to warm them. a few exercises you can do for it before executing. If the asana is done in conjunction with other yoga poses, you must do it at the end of classes.
Those who perform this exercise recently, it is worthensure that, in order to reduce discomfort in the neck area. It is better to perform the asana on a special mat for yoga, or a dense blanket to reduce possible pain.

perform posture Technique

The full title of this position sounds like "Salamba sarvangasana 1"

1; Lie on your back.
2, bend your knees and pull them towards your chest.
3; Lift hips, keeping the body from behind her hands, bent at the elbows. The knees at the same time can touch the forehead.
4.; Slowly and smoothly straighten legs.
5.; Ensure that the legs are perpendicular to the floor to try to apply this pelvis forward. Hands help to keep the body in the correct position. The main burden should fall on the shoulders and not on the cervical spine.
6, are in this position you can until you feel discomfort. Ideally, you can make up to 10 breaths and start output.
7; To leave the asana, first you need to bend the legs, then lower the pelvis, and then straighten the legs in the supine position.
It is running at a slow pace asana, breathing steady.
There are more complex options vyplneniya Sarvangasana:
-; Salamba sarvangasana 2 - hands are removed from the back and stretched parallel to the floor (you can twist your fingers into the lock) -
-; Niralamba sarvangasana 1 - straight arms transferred to the position of golovoy-
-; Niralamba sarvangasana 2 - hands are placed along the legs.
If you wish, you can learn these asanas options. It is best to do it in the sequence in which they are listed, sequentially passing light from a posture to the most complex.
Do not practice this asana for people with high blood pressure as well as those who have suffered whiplash injuries.

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